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We at Red Tech highly value the application and interview process.

We want to hire the very best people. And for you, it’s of utmost importance to be convinced that Red tech can provide you with the career path that fulfills your wishes and builds on your strengths.

The process
Step 1: Gather information you will need to fill out your application, e.g. resume/CV, educational background information, test scores, etc.
Step 2: Submit an online application
Step 3: If you are called in for an interview, prepare for your interviews
Step 4: Interview

Your application
Applications consist of the following:
Resume/CV and cover letter
Educational background information
Work experience
Examples of extracurricular and/or community leadership

Apply Now
After you click on the Apply Now link above or to the left, an application form will appear on the screen.

Once it is filled, click on “Upload your CV/Resume”.

Then, you have the opportunity to send us:
Your CV/Resume (this is the minimum)
A cover letter
Other documents, which might strengthen your applications such as: test scores, letters of appraisal
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